TVR Sagaris

TVR SagarisJust check out those vents and exhausts..! Originally TVR had endurance racing in mind, hence all the cooling help. It’s a car that makes a statement and with a 4 litre TVR Speed 6 engine (straight 6) it could put out 380bhp, 0-60 came in at around 3.7 seconds and could stomp on to 185mph.

As with all modern TVRs the Sagaris ignores the EU guideline that all new cars should be fitted with ABS and at least front airbags because Peter Wheeler believed that such devices promote overconfidence and risk the life of a driver in the event of a rollover, which TVRs are engineered to resist.It also eschews electronic driver’s aids (such as traction control or electronic stability control).
The car’s name comes from the sagrais, the Greek name of a lightweight battle-axe used by the Scythains which was feared for its ability to penetrate the armor of their enemies. The car was designed by Graham Browne and Lee Hodgetts.
In 2008, TVR unveiled the Sagaris 2, which was designed to replace the original Sagaris. In the prototype revealed, there were minor changes to the car including a revised rear fascia and exhaust system, and modifications to the interior.
The only Racing TVR Sagaris raced in the 2011 British GT Cup series and was entered by Team Winstanley and driven by Danny Winstanley, this racing TVR Sagaris had a standard factory road Sagaris chassis but was fitted with the upgraded 420 bhp TVR 4.5 Supersport Speed Six engine. In its first season it recorded wins at Oulton Park and Brands Hatch.
The 2010 film The Heavy features a black TVR Sagaris.

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