Gran Turismo 5 – FWD

On a slightly different road here into the virtual world. I’m sure a lot of us here play video games and as a PlayStation 1, PS2 and PS3 owner I have always had the brilliant Gran Turismo in my library and is still one of the games I have played the most, in fact I bought the PS3 for Gran Turismo.

So this section is dedicated to the virtual world of gaming. Best cars, best tracks, best times. Incidently, if you want to look me up in-game, my username on the Playstation network  is SJD01, see you on the grid.!



What’s your favourite FWD car on Gran Turismo 5?



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One Response to Gran Turismo 5 – FWD

  1. Sdevr34 says:

    Here’s my bit for the FWD car in Gran Turismo GT5
    Honda Integra Type-R Touring Car – 387BHP, 523PP

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