Ferrari Mythos

Ferrari MythosThe Ferrari Mythos, based on the Testarossa chassis was unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show in 1989 it certainly got the world talking. Visually different from the norm the Mythos breaks of the traditional linked panels. The designers attempted to merge the front and back into a single flowing shell. The Mythos is a sporty compact 2 seater ‘Barchetta’. A Coupe, targa and speedster bodies were all considered but the latter was chosen because of the racing connection. That meant neither a roof or side windows had to be dealt with when designing. The aggresive stance is partly due to the rear being more than 8 inches wider than the front. To help with downforce the rear wing can lift nearly a foot, the front lip was also retractable. Like the exterior the 2-seater interior was upholstered in red leather and was intended to recapture the spirit of racing ‘Barchettas’ of the 1960s.

Mechanicals come straight from the Testarossa, including the 12 cylinder, 4942cc flat boxer mid mounted engine. Only the exhaust system had to be revised because of the Mythos shorter rear end. The reinforced tubular steel frame is also derived from the Testarossa. The doors and body panels were all carbon fiber. Pirelli PZero tyres covered the basic Ferrari 5 spoke alloy wheels which helped put the 390 horses firmly on the ground.

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