Dodge Challenger SRT8

2012-Dodge-ChallengerThis just oozes muscle and looks fantastic, it’s the top of the range model in the Dodge Challenger muscle car line-up. Powered by a 6.4 litre HEMI engine developing 470bhp and 0-60 times are less than 5 seconds.

Quote from the Dodge website
“The ultimate modern American muscle coupe is back with a vengeance. The 2013 Challenger SRT® is raw power personified, with bold, aggressive styling inside and out. Fueled by the storied 392 HEMI® V-8, harnessed by world-class suspension and superior brakes, the legend of the Challenger SRT continues.”

Limited production varinats
In addition to official Dodge concept cars, there have been numerous limited production and street legal variants created by third parties, based on stock cars that have been rebuilt with modified powertrains, suspensions, and interiors. These include the SMS 570 and (supercharged) 570X with up to a claimed 700 bhp, the Mr. Norm’s Challengers with a claimed 637 bhp or 900 bhp horsepower, the supercharged SpeedFactory SF600R with around 600 bhp, the supercharged Richard Petty Signature Series with a claimed 610 bhp, and the Legacy by Petty.

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