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Toyota MR2

Toyota MR2The Toyota MR2 is a two-seat, mid-engined, rear-wheel-drive sports car produced by Toyota, from 1984 until July 2007 when production stopped in Japan. There are three different generations of the MR2: 1984–1989, with angular, origami-like lines, 1990–1999, which had styling that some compared to Ferrari sports cars, and 2000–2007, which somewhat resembled the Porsche Boxster. It was designed to be small, with an economical powerplant, but sporty in style and handling. Basic design elements, such as MacPherson strut front and rear suspensions and transverse-mounted inline-four engines, are common to all three generations of MR2, though each generation differs greatly from the next in particulars.
In Japan, it was exclusive to Toyota Japanese dealerships called Toyota Vista Store as an alternative to the Toyota Celica which was exclusive to Toyota Corolla Store locations. read more

Honda Integra

Honda IntegraThe Honda Integra (sold in some markets as Acura Integra) was a sports car, produced by Japanese automobile manufacturer Honda from 1985 to 2006. It succeeded the Honda Quint as the liftback derivative of the Civic and each generation of the Integra was derived from the contemporary generation of the Civic. Being more luxurious and sports-oriented than the Quint, the Integra was one of the launch models for Acura in 1986, along with the Legend. Throughout its life, the Integra was highly regarded for its handling and performance.
The Integra name was originally used by Honda to refer to its VT250F motorcycle and is currently used to refer to the scooter variant of its NC700 series of motorcycles.
Car and Driver magazine named the Integra to its annual Ten Best list six times: in 1987, 1988, and 1994 through 1997. The GS-R model was called out specifically in 1994 and 1995. It made a return on the Ten Best list as the Acura RSX, in 2002 and 2003. The Integra Type-R (DC2) was named the “best front-wheel-drive drivers car ever” by Evo Magazine in 2006. read more

Gran Turismo & Mario Andretti – Re-create the Hudson

GT6 - Mario Andretti - HudsonWatch all 3 chapters of Gran Turismos ‘First Love’ series in the following links as they re-create Mario Andretti’s race car for GT6 – the Hudson.

Chapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 3 read more

Q8 – One of my favourites

Q8Anyone care to have a guess? Answers in the comments section below.

Gran Turismo 6 drifting for beginners

Drifting GT6In Drift Trials, the aim is not to score the fastest lap time, but to earn the most points for effective drifting. It is therefore important that you learn how to perform successful drifts.

First off, let’s consider the two parts of a drift separately. The first part involves making your rear wheels slide across the track. The second part involves sustaining your drift. read more

BMW M4 Coupe

M4 BMWWith Polyphony Digital featuring this eagerly anticipated car in the latest of the Gran Turismo franchise, the release of the BMW M4 in the summer of 2014 is also getting people talking, with new pictures now being seen across the web. However, if you want to test drive one today, you can, as long as you have a copy of GT6.! read more

Gran Turismo 6 Trophy List

Here’s the trophy list for Gran Turismo 6, it’s been out 1 week now and many racers will already have alot of these trophies, but if you haven’t or want to find out how to get some, here’s the run down in alphabetical order. read more

Gran Turismo 6 – Car list

Well, the release date for GT6 is upon us, and tomorrow my copy should be dropped off in the the post. I guess I shall start to fill my garage with over 1200 cars. The new list is below (yep, I know, it’s long).
Looking forward to seeing the new improvements in the handling dynamics. However, I have heard that there could possibly be a fairly large update as soon as the game starts.
Something I have to say I am a little excited about is the talk of an app for your phone which will plot your route through GPS in the real world, which you will be able to download to create a track to play on. I love the sound of that and hopefully it won’t be long before it can be implemented. Be cool to do the school run or to drive to work in a Ferrari 288 GTO and not having to worry about the speed cameras.! read more